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    one of my favorite photos


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    When the woods were young by 

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  4. 2:39am

    i am supposed to be waking up at 7am so that i can get my shit together and get my butt on the ferry to the mainland for the weekend. i’m wide awake. trying to sleep has proven unsuccessful. i’m hungry and there is strawberry shortcake in the fridge. also the moon is really bright and beautiful and looking out the window makes me want to go for a walk

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  7. ❀ about me ❀


    name: Grace

    age: 20

    birthday: october 15

    zodiac: libra

    single or taken: surprisingly i have a boyfriend

    height: average? maybe on the tall side of average?

    eye color: blue

    middle name: Emily

    favorite color: blue

    lucky number: 7


    hogwarts house [x]: Ravenclaw

    favorite television show: Supernatural

    favorite season: Summer

    describe yourself in a few words: creative, quirky, kind, sensitive

    future children’s names: Benjamin Martin (named after my brother and my cat, if it’s a boy) and if it’s a girl…. i don’t know. maybe Sofia?

    meaning of your name: undeserved gift. the grace of god.

    ultimate otp: i cant pick i’m sorry

    What do you plan to/do for a living:  counselor


    introvert or extrovert: people think i’m an extrovert but i’m definitely not sometimes i just ignore my friends for weeks because i’m enjoying my solitude. 

    dawn or dusk: Dusk

    righty or lefty:  Righty

    coffee or tea: Tea :)

    rain or shine: both are nice and necessary but shine makes me happier

    reading or writing: Reading

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